Evans Garment Restoration Restoring More, So Claims Cost Less with
One of the Industry’s Only Patented Processes

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EGREvans Restores More
So Claims Cost Less

Evans utilizes a completely different process than other textile restorers, which is why we can restore more garments, textiles and soft goods! Our industry leading success rates show that we’ll save more and you’ll replace less—even compared to the nation’s best restoration dry cleaners. That’s why Evans was able to obtain one of the industry’s only federal patents for its process.

Unlike companies that pick and choose (or “cherry pick”) only the easy-to-clean items and then claim high success rates, our patented system lets us take all the damaged items and successfully restore on average 92% of garments and textiles and 95% of soft goods. There’s no cherry picking with Evans! We’ll take it all, and if we can’t restore it, you won’t see a charge for it on the invoice!

It is often surprising to know that 30% to 40% of the items damaged in total losses are garments, textiles or soft goods. This means that successful restoration of 92% of these items will make for happier policyholders, conserve policy limits and allow a more complete restoration project when coverage limits are being approached.

Beth S., New Hope, MN
“Evans was very easy to work with and was very considerate of my things and my needs.”

Mary L., Fairburn, GA
“From the onset of the house fire, I was treated with compassion and professionalism by everyone who showed up to retrieve my garments. I am amazed at the job of restoring my clothes without a sign of smoke. ”

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