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EGRTypes of Damage

As restoration specialists, Evans has a specific, time tested process to handle any type of loss that would affect garments, textiles and soft goods that would require them to be cleaned.

From everyday occurrences such as fire and water damage to major environmental events such as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and forest fires, Evans is ready to help!

Fire and Smoke
The Evans patented process is especially effective on smoke odors from all types of fires. And, regardless whether items have light, moderate or even heavy smoke damage, the Evans process is unequalled at complete restoration of these items. Successful restoration of smoke damaged items is greatly enhanced by fast action, which is why Evans’ service systems are designed for fast response.

When garments, textiles and soft goods are damaged by water, no process is better at removing tough restoration soils and odors like Evans! In the infrequent event of items contaminated by sewage, Evans recommends replacement of such items as no one can be expected to wear clothing that has been floating in raw sewage - no matter how successful the treatment!

The Evans process delivers the highest success rates when treating items that have been in a moldy environment and exposed to high levels of airborne mold. Garments and textiles that have visible mold growing have had the tensile strength of the fabric permanently compromised and must be replaced.
When tornadoes, hurricanes or heavy storms cause property damage; garments, textiles and soft goods can be affected by a range of contaminants from broken glass, insulation and dirt to water from wind-driven rain, roof damage and so on. Regardless of the type or combination of damage, Evans has the answer!

Tear Gas
When a stand-off situation causes law enforcement to utilize tear gas, garments, textiles and soft goods will suffer tear gas contamination. While this is thankfully a rare occurrence, Evans has specific processes to restore tear gas damaged items at the highest levels.

From skunk spray to decaying carcasses and even “raccoon parties” or other animal contamination, Evans has the answer and successfully restores garments, textiles and soft goods to pre-loss condition!

Arcine Myers, General Contractor
“This was my first experience with Evans and I was very pleased.”

Melissa D., Dallas, GA
“Thank you for making a bad situation as pleasant as possible. Very personable staff. Great job!”

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